Body Contouring Appointments

  • All Appointments must have a valid card on file. $30 deposit will be charged to secure appointment.
  • No Call / No Show: 100% of your service will be charged.
  • Must cancel through booking site 24 hours before your appointment.
A Few Tips:
  1. It is highly recommend you begin to properly hydrate yourself before and after your scheduled appointment. 
  2. Drink at least 2 liters of water each day during your session. (No coffee, soft drinks, etc.)
  3. Tea can be an exception (please do not add anything to it.) Plain tea only
  4. Do not drink any alcohol on the day of treatment nor 48 hours after. 
  5. You should not eat 1 hour after your appointment. 
  6. Diet: A low carb diet, low fat high fiber diet is highly recommended. 
  7. It is highly recommend to exercise 30 mins -1 hour.